Newtest Enterprise Portal Release Notes

Latest Build Version 3.1.0 R2

List of Corrections


- Alarm Routing Center : query timeout can now be defined in module configuration file by adding "<add key="CommandTimeout" value="60"/>"
- Remove 256 char length limitation in Alarm Text field

- Extend temporary tables text fields length for Alarm Routing center compliancy
- Fixed purge Newtestdata procedure when retention period is greater than 30 days
- Fixed "validation date" update taking Period_Validation parameter into account
- Fixed ps_ARS_Select procedure to be compliant with Allarm Routing Center alarm text extension.
- Management of "givenName" not found in LDAP
- Fixed "hard" and "soft" reboot configuration wrongly translated into NEWTEST.INI file
- Fixed displayed issue when editing rental probe properties
- Fixed alternative mails definition
- Fixed clic on diag when diag name contains reserved character in URL (, / ? : @ & = + $ #)
- Add logs in NWS to track authentification when secured WS option is enabled
- Add duplicate records checks when inserting in database in Analysis stored procedures


- Fixed Retried data management : they are now excluded from aggregated data and NRS view

- Fixed Retried data management : they are now excluded from aggregated data and NRS view


- Fixed ps_REF_ADRulesInsert procedure test on ADRulesTemp table test + constraint violation
- Change the following reports legend to display correct colors in IE11
            DTL-SUM-EXP-001 & TL-SUM-EXP-001_CST
            DTL-SUM-EXP-002 & DTL-SUM-EXP-002_CST
            DTL-SUM-EXP-003 & DTL-SUM-EXP-003_CST
- Fixed Fixed index calculation for reports "EXM-USR-OVW-002" and "EXM-USR-OVW-002_CST"
- Fixed LDAP Authentification
- Fixed drilldown actions for report EXM-USR-OVW-002_CST


- Fixed few calculated members (ExcellentExecutionTotal, SuccessExecutionTotal, WarningExecutionTotal) to display 0 instead of null value 

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