Newtest Enterprise Portal Release Notes

Latest Build Version 4.2 R0

Before proceeding to v4.2R0 upgrade, please read carefully the new password recovery procedure introduced by [NWT-76] in English or in French

New features

  [NWT-88] - Server 4.2 - REST API : Write and new methods:

  * [NWT-87] - API REST : Introduce WRITE methods
                      with the following actions :
                      Add/Edit/Remove users
                      Add/Edit/Remove company
                      Add/Edit/Remove robot
                      Add/Edit/Remove Business hierarchy node
                      Add/Edit/Remove Location hierarchy node
                      Add/Edit/Remove CustomGroup node
                      Add/Edit/Remove scenario or measurement
                      Add/Edit/Remove exclusion range
                      Add/Edit/Remove SLA Calendar
                      Get SysInfo
                      Get robot/scenario instance status history
                      Send command to robot or robot/scenario instance  

  * [NWT-86] - API REST : Introduce NAM READ methods
                      Get Configured alarming rules
                      Get Rule condition properties
                      Get list of alarms
                      Cumulated time of alarm on selected period

  * [NWT-85] - REST API: Introduce authentication by token

  [NWT-104] - Server 4.2 - SQL Server 2019 Compatibility (1) :

  * [NWT-101] - 4.2 "from scratch" installation setup (1)
  * [NWT-83] - NMC and NAM application using SQL Account to connect
                         to SQL instance (1)
  * [NWT-103] - NEP v4.2 compliant with SQL Server 2019 Std (1)
  * [NWT-103] - Setup v4.2 : add SSAS powershell package and SQLCMD

  (1) : This features will be available with the NEP 4.2 "from scratch" setup

  [NWT-107] - Server 4.2 - Openviz for Newtest :

  * [NWT-105] - Integration of Dataviz reports (Tableau) dans NEP (2)
  * [NWT-106] - Custom SQL View for Oracle version (2)

  (2) : Not included in 4.2 setup, available "on request" only



  [NWT-84] - Server 4.2 - Cosmetic changes:

  New Licensing model based on simultaneous scenario execution, regardless
  the number of probes :

  * [NWT-73] - Check the number of scenarios deployed under new license
  * [NWT-74] - NEP server with scenario license - Display scenario licence
                         in web interface

  Introduction of STCPIP, NHTTPS, TCPG and HTTPG protocols to export/import
  projects between NTBR and NMC server:

  * [NWT-80] - New secured protocols between NTBR/NMC (TCPG and HTTPG
                         protocols will be fully operationnal with robot and gateway in

  Others :

  * [NWT-75] - NMC : in supervision overview, search scenario results in UTC
  * [NWT-76] - Enforce Newtest account password encryption. Newtest user
                         password will be renewed and encoded into SHA-512. 
                         Procedure to retrieve forgotten passwords by mail (email
                         settings needs to be configured first)
  * [NWT-77] - ARC : Add occurence and server name in generic keys to edit
                         text mail
  * [NWT-78] - NMC: Add 5 min step in scenario status overview
  * [NWT-79] - Change user rights. Add IIS_USR user access rights
                         to /PROBES folder
  * [NWT-81] - NEP: Upgrade of .Net v4.7 for NRM service
  * [NWT-82] - NEP: Upgrade of .Net framework version from 3.5 to 4.7 for
                         client modules
  * [NWT-114] - NMC - Information Range : filter instances with
                           Business/Location selection

  [NWT-37] - Server 4.2 - Minor Changes:

  * [NWT-21] - NMC : Possibility to display scenario alias instead of scenario
                         name in supervision
  * [NWT-24] - Newtest Serveur Monitoring Client End Of Life. Server
                         Monitoring application is removed on NMC server with all
  * [NWT-32] - SQL Server secured access by validation of self-signed SQL
                         server certificate
  * [NWT-36] - Allow to use LDAP connection between NTBR and NMC server
                         when authentification is required import/export projects
  * [NWT-34] - NMC: propagate LDAP restriction rules to a bulk of users
  * [NWT-28] - NMC: Display supervision overview in hierarchy mode
  * [NWT-25] - Setup - Setup NMC with manifest - Server robot package
                         deployement made more simple
  * [NWT-30] - NEP : Plan REST Webservice link in "Burger" menu
  * [NWT-27] - NEP : Secured subscription index backup files do not work with
                         network disk. Use registry hives to store subscription index
                         backup file content
  * [NWT-23] - Security: NewtestBridge - Prevent file uploading via the PUT
                         method. NAM and NewtservIntegrity processes are no more
                         using Newtserv listener process
  * [NWT-112] - ARC is supporting the 2 last languages (german and spanish)


Bug fixes

  [NWT-89] - Server 4.2 - Bug fix :

  * [NWT-97] - NAM- various bugs
  * [NWT-99] - Unknown module status by calling ListComponentStatus
  * [NWT-91] - NRS: Bug when editing subscription
  * [NWT-93] - NRS - filter Measurements Results DTL-MES-TDR-0
  * [NWT-92] - NMC : Bug of display in supervision
  * [NWT-98] - Text field not displayed in popup window in Supervision
  * [NWT-94] - NMC : Display error in case of no data
  * [NWT-95] - Error logs are delayed waiting for modules to restart in minute
  * [NWT-96] - NAM : Disabled rule still active
  * [NWT-113] - NRS: Display not compliant to selection
  * [NWT-90] - Slowness of data injection on platform with SQL dedicated
                         server apart from NMC. Improved by removing transactional
                         part of SSIS package. 
  * [NWT-100] - Fixing LDAPS server configuration
  * [NWT-156] - Problem of NMC to Gateway communication with a proxy
                           server in between
  * [NWT-168] - NMC/NRS/NAM: saving web interface parameters
  * [NWT-200] - Delay in alarm sending and Alarm entry doubled
  * [NWT-176] - Error message when editing exclusion range and changing


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