Newtest Robot and Transaction Builder 7.6.0 Product Release Notes

Latest Build Version: Robot, NTBR

What's New?

The latest and greatest. New installation with Quick connect feature, DOM explorer, optimized image capture and many more additions. To learn more about Newtest Robot, please refer to the user manual.

New interpreter

  • Structure by function
  • Simplified concatenation
  • Local/global variables
  • Embedded primitive call
  • Library generation

New functionalities

  • AppKill
  • AppWait
  • WaitDspBitmap

New Robot observer

  • Multiple-robot console
  • Remote console
  • On-the-fly management of traces
  • Remote view of the robot session
  • Issuing of commands
  • Access to robot properties

Robot in session

  • Possibility of starting a robot in a non-console session (on a multi-session OS)
  • Possibility of starting more than one robot by more than one user (on a multi-session OS)
  • Possibility of starting a robot via a service
    • Watchdog
    • Reboot
    • Autologon


  • IE/Firefox/Chrome DOM action and browser
    • Action on button
    • Form management
    • Action on URL
  • Timing performance measurements
    • navigationStart
    • unloadEventStart
    • unloadEventEnd
    • redirectStart
    • redirectEnd
    • fetchStart
    • domainLookupStart
    • domainLookupEnd
    • connectStart
    • connectEnd
    • secureConnectionStart
    • requestStart
    • responseStart
    • responseEnd
    • domLoading
    • domInteractive
    • domContentLoadedEventStart
    • domContentLoadedEventEnd
    • domComplete
    • loadEventStart
    • loadEventEnd
    • url
    • title
  • Newtestria navigation by URL
  • Object measurement: one or n objects
  • Introspection (experimental): JavaScript function


  • Network diagnostics aid (choice of interface)
  • Possibility of enriching the video diagnostic of embedded texts

Image gallery management tool

  • Add image
  • Delete image

New management of retries (experimental): Supervision retry, operational retry

New installation structure by user (Windows standard)

Security and optimization

  • Scheduler watchdog
  • Monitoring of license integrity
  • Management of log volumes
  • Tools for generating log packages (troubleshooting)

Image recapture scripting tool

  • Context memorization
  • Viewing and configuration of actions (click)
  • Integrated image gallery

Scripting tool

  • Context memorization
  • Possibility of editing code
  • Management of window title patterns


List of Corrections


Updated the outputted timeout unit conversion for scenario execution from mins to secs.
Corrected the suppression of temporary log file removal.
Corrected an incorrect mouse placement when in edition mode.
Fixed backward compatibility for WTC environment for v7.5.1.
Remove non-functional breakpoints (NTBR).
Corrected interpreter engine. Mismatched naming for nesting variables.
Optimized error messages generated by robot.
Updated search replace editor.
Fixed screenshot to include layered window.
Corrected invalid repeated alarm for scenario.
Fixed generated password for function GetPassword.
Correction to message length, truncated group list field.


Updated NTBR library files.
Installation fixes.


Webrunner crash corrected.
Better Firefox root certificate install.
Installation fixes.


Optimized Newtest remote manager integration.
Updated HttpWatch version (v.9.3.24).
Fixed en error with the loop function.
Fixed an application crash for the NTBR when copying tables in the workspace.
Corrected a library issue with the statement EXIT FUNCTION.
Corrected an issue with the popup window close manager.
Corrected a library issue with AppClose.
Corrected an application crash error when an invalid license is applied.
Updated keyboard shortcut command for CTRL-F and CTRL-H.
Updated file image insertion tool.
Adapated the resolution scaling window size for image editing dialog.
Removed incoherent data written to log files.
Fixed the updating of dependencies information shown.
Fixed an issue with the OCR tool where no parameters were saved.
Overlay windows can now be seen in videos.
Fixed an issue with the initialization of Webrunner.
Fixed a problem with read attributes within a nested block.


Major release update. Cumulative correction included in full setup.
Added the ability to configure the timeout of AppExec(URL), use option SetOption("START_TIME_OUT","",30000).
Webrunner plugin install is now disabled by default. To reactive, use option SetOption("FORCE_IE_PLUGIN_ACTIVATION,"",1). ("START_TIME_OUT","",30000).
Better management to IE exec in case of run errors. Retries will be allowed within the START_TIME_OUT option. ("START_TIME_OUT","",30000).
Corrected issues with the sending of commands and the non-presence of Webrunner.
Added an option to prevent the closing of internet navigation, use SetOption("WEB_NO_CLOSE_ON_END","",1), default behavior closes navigation.
Corrected an issue with the updating or adding of images when commenting tags that were removed in scripts (NTBR only).
Corrected an issue with the purging of temporary files.
Corrected line detection for code insertion action (NTBR only).
Fixed a bug in project configuration export (NTBR only).
Global corrections to Webrunner library.


Installation fixes for upgrading only, critical.


Fixed the non-exporting of file Newpass.ini upon multiple selection.
Fixed the incorrect path used for saving httpWatch hwl files.
Fixed the screen size dimension option in session manager.
Updated an incorrect placement of the cursor during the step by step mode in the NTBR.
Updated the scripting engine for better backward compatibility.
General corrections to robot multisession handling.
Fixes to OCR wizard, combox box issue.
Fixed an incorrect environment startup type by the script generation wizard in the NTBR.
Fixed an issue with http-Request queries where the values were truncated.
Fixed a resume status not displayed on Local observer when no scenario is running
Fixed function StopNavigation exit
Fixed password transfer to project
Fixed interpretor Error in DO ... REPEAT instruction
Fixed Firefox certificate with webrunner tools
Updated help file for RandomNum et RandomTps
Fixed Robot Monitoring crash on context menu
Removed redundant error message "Cannot move directory"
Fixed a parsing error with SOAP environment
Fixed Goto line focus on NTBR


NTBR: fixed incoherency in mouse cursor management that occurred when running a scenario step by step.
NTBR: updated online help to include function VLCExec.
NTBR: fixed a problem in playing the videos generated by the Slideshow Record Manager.
NTBR: developed configuration options in the image insertion wizard.
NTBR: set up filtering of logs from robot sessions (multi-session or shadow session).
ROBOT: fixed a stability problem on WTC scenarios which was related to the generation of HttpWatch files.
ROBOT: fixed robot startup by NRM upon server error or robot error.
ROBOT: corrected function WaitForWebPageCommunication following a problem that occurred when testing the title of the expected page.
ROBOT: fixed incoherency between two function tests in an ‘If Then Else’. The problem was due to an error in the interpreter’s interpretation of the cast.
ROBOT: fixed the problem of unexpected restart of a robot which occurred because a status file was still managed within the install directory.
ROBOT: corrected scenario duration to eliminate the possibility of a negative duration.
ROBOT: fixed a problem in retrieving DOM content with IE8.
ROBOT: fixed a character string concatenation problem.
ROBOT: corrected robot restart which could be caused by the local observer Watchdog.
ROBOT: added the possibility of imposing short timeout of heartbeat messages, on the condition that it cannot exceed the period of a heartbeat.
ROBOT: fixed text search problem in function DomLookup.
ROBOT: fixed the partial propagation of LogApplis and LogNum that occurred with function MyAnalyseVideo
ROBOT: fixed a communication problem between robot and collector that occurred when using the option usethisadressip.
ROBOT: fixed a measurement display problem that occurred when a sub-scenario times out.
ROBOT: fixed a problem of robots disregarding commands that they receive from NMC.
ROBOT: addition of functions for measurement of channel-change time
MONITORING: addition of an RDP connection menu in multisession mode.


NRM : Fixed a launch windows session caused by a bad time synchronization
NRM : Added to the NRM service a robot control session after machine restart
NRM : Fixed a registry access problem with GetParamHost
NRM : Added a separation for the trace files depending on the windows session
NTBR : Fixed the documentation of exit code for vocRecordMessage function
NTBR : Fixed the code line indicated in case of execution error
NTBR : Fixed an insertion problem with sendkey function
NTBR : Added documentation for VLC function return code
NTBR : Added new functionalities for the picture assistant capture
ROBOT : Fixed the webrunner tools for retrieve the windows id session
ROBOT : Fixed the real robot state that could be different than the robot state on the NMC
ROBOT : Fixed a robot status problem after daily reboot
ROBOT : Added a more explicit timeout message for Newtest Collector connection
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed webrunner tools to manage a larger number of website errors (NewtRIA Scripts)
NTBR & ROBOT : Deleted false backup error message for OCR licence
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed NToolbox try_pop_wnd_front for use top window first
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the ROBOTPROPERTIES tools to save the IIS port
ROBOTMONITORING : Added to the session control tool an IP address and a specific port records for RDP connections already used.


NRM : Added a flag for suspend the session control and service control
NTBR : Fixed a export problem with multiprobe configuration
NTBR : Added a save/compilation scenarios before a project exportation
NTBR : Added a WaitWnd trace log on error (LOG FLAG: GENEACT_WAIT_WINDOW)
NTBR : Added access to DOM menu for all type of scénarios
NTBR : Added a possibility to select or unselect all the dependencies
ROBOT : Fixed the modification of SNMP port for the tool Robot Properties
ROBOT : Fixed the new interpretor, now the variable and order name must be displayed in their original case (NTBR and NMC)
ROBOT : Fixed the generation conditions for videos diagnostics
ROBOT : Fixed the result of IF instruction with the new interpreter
ROBOT : Added a flag (IMGLOOKUP_DUMP_IMAGE) for Wait Search Bitmap function. Now we have a image on failure only if this flag is activated
ROBOT : Added a Newtest.ini update (server, site) when robot start with NRM
ROBOT : Added audio capture files
ROBOT : Added in schedule a not sent block mode for Diagnostic
ROBOT: Added a force IE cache deletion every 24h (NEWTEST.INI parameter)
ROBOT : Added new argument "Move Window" to ActivateWnd function
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the DNS REQUEST chrono return (IPA)
ROBOT MONITORING : Added monitoring cpu, disk and mem usage informations
ROBOT MONITORING : Added the visualization of execution queues


NRM :  Added a new tools (wsmgn.exe) for check login during installation
NTBR : Fixed a possible crash which cause lost of folder USER\SECNARIO
NTBR : Fixed the Robot 2nd queue access for the Newtest On Request Robot
NTBR : Added search previous button
NTBR : Added the ability to compile directly the Newtest libraries
NTBR : Added the new NTBR help functions
ROBOT : Fixed an incoherence for the "ending execution" status
ROBOT : Fixed the alarm scenario conditions with the new interpretor
ROBOT : Fixed for NewtRIA a Firefox certificat management issue
ROBOT : Fixed an audio capture signature error
ROBOT :  Fixed a variable recuperation crash with a scenario call by Newtest function "exec scenario"Fixed a variable recuperation problem with a scenario call by exec scenario function
ROBOT : Fixed a problem with timestamp orders
ROBOT : Fixed an audio message error when a Newtest probe doesn't have a sound card
ROBOT : Added a new fields SNMP binding in Robot Properties tools.
ROBOT : Added the source of messages for the NMC with the robot and scenario names
ROBOT : Added the multisession functionality for the SNMP agent
ROBOT : Added a timestamp in video diagnostics
ROBOT : Added a new type of robot patch (express patch)
ROBOT : Added an activation option for the Daily IE cache purge
ROBOT : Added an output file for the function SetMediaGraph
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the apparition of retauration information with brutal interruption of Chrome browser (WEBRUNNER)
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed a blocking problem with the function loadUrl("") (WEBRUNNER)
NTBR & ROBOT : Added operator || with DOM research
NTBR & ROBOT : Added a new method for manage and create certificate for Chrome browser (WEBRUNNER)           
NTBR & ROBOT : Added a new function for create the certificate on the user store for each restart of Firefox Browser (WEBRUNNER)
NTBR & ROBOT : Added the option "REMOVE CHROME PROFILE" for the deletion of user profile at the beginning of the scenario (WEBRUNNER)
NTBR & ROBOT : Added an asynchronous initialisation (WEBRUNNER)
ROBOT MONITORING : Fixed a possible crash at application launch
ROBOT MONITORING : Added a better method for counter management
VOCAL : Fixed a VocDial log creation


NRM : Fixed the performance of Newtest Remote Manager application
NTBR : Fixed the long time of NTBR startup
NTBR : Fixed the display message in scenario properties menu
NTBR : Fixed the wizard assistant for image search
NTBR : Added the Client Environement NewtestRIA in the Voice scenario group
ROBOT : Fixed an incoherence problem with script variable and associate alarms
ROBOT : Fixed an incoherence library declaration problem in a script
ROBOT : Fixed the Reboot command configuration
ROBOT : Fixed the operator '-'
ROBOT : Fixed the SearchAndGetInFile function with empty string parameter
ROBOT : Fixed the Setoption Lan Interface parameter
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the management of regular expression with OCR search assistant


NRM : Fixed the session stability with WS mode
NTBR : Added the setting of authentication method in the soap assistant
NTBR : Added an input mask for STCPIP configuration (import/export)
NTBR : Fixed the Newtest wiki url
NTBR : Fixed a possible crash with the measures and dimensions selection in the RIA Wizard
NTBR : Fixed the documentation for WEB_SEARCH_TIMEOUT function
NTBR : Fixed the duplication calendar
ROBOT : Added a size file limitation for WINPCAP Capture (100Mb)
ROBOT : Added a new type of message when a measure is not found with HTTPWATCH Extraction (Warning message)
ROBOT : Added the processing of basic authentication mode
ROBOT : Added the function SendkeyCombination (SHIFT+UP)
ROBOT : Added new function ClearIRCache for clear IE cache content
ROBOT : Added new function SetIEProxy to solve issue with IE proxy
ROBOT : Fixed a regression with the last patch 7.6.1 R1U9 for control string (CE IPA)
ROBOT : Fixed a problem with log messages in case of Multi-session Robots
ROBOT : Fixed a crash problem with video capture, audio capture and video caption
ROBOT : Fixed a regression with the last patch 7.6.1 R109 for HTTPREQUESTEXT function with url redirected
ROBOT : Fixed an OCR problem with IE11 under Windows 8
ROBOT : Fixed the limitation of board size with status range
ROBOT : Fixed new function SendkeyCombination issue with '+' and added default delay
ROBOT : Fixed the ORDER parser problem
ROBOT : Fixed the reboot command configuration
ROBOT : Fixed a message overlay problem
ROBOT : Fixed a trapsend error caused by missing mgr.cnf and snmpinfo.dat files
NTBR & ROBOT : Added Webrunner compatibility with Firefox 40 (NewtRIA)
NTBR & ROBOT : Added new Webrunner log to allow better analysis of malfunction
NTBR & ROBOT : Added option to disable HTTPWATCH usage
NTBR & ROBOT : Updated NewtRIA to force no proxy usage with local address in IE net configuration
ROBOT MONITORING : Fixed the display of the disk usage, memory and CPU on the console


NRM : Fixed robot stopped status which is not disabled on session restart
NRM : Fixed new shell to parse the characters ""
NTBR : Added ability to set the framerate of the video diagnostic via the Robot Properties
NTBR : Fixed the JS code injection with escape characters
ROBOT : Added a reset option plugins and certificates for webrunner
ROBOT : Fixed robot unexpected shutdown
ROBOT : Fixed the function ScenarioCancelled with the new interpreter
ROBOT : Fixed the concatenation of the SNMP agent and trap IP on a change in robot properties
ROBOT : Fixed failure scenario when closing webrunner
ROBOT : Fixed Legacy Mode installation. After installing the patch the robot could not start correctly.
ROBOT : Fixed the writing in registry for the function SetRegisteryKey
ROBOT : Fixed the Robot NRM parameters with Disaster Recovery Plan
NTBR & ROBOT: Added new parameters with the SendTrap function for specified the trap IP source
NTBR & ROBOT: Added ability to set the framerate of the video diagnostic directly in a scenario
NTBR & ROBOT : Added better management when closing / opening of browsers (RIA & DOM)


NRM : Fixed - Session lost due to NRMSessionProxy crash
NRM : Fixed - Timeout problem (NRMPROXY, MONITORING) on multi-session
NRM : Fixed - [REMOTE_MANAGER]NO_AUTOLOGON option for no autologon settings
NTBR :  Removal of restrictions on the groups creation and management.
ROBOT : Fixed - Response times break down doubled
ROBOT : Warning message added when queue number or sce/queue number exausted
ROBOT : Fixed - Robot blocked on waiting state
ROBOT : Fixed - Sysinfo upload problem on NEP 2.2.1
ROBOT : Fixed - Incoherence RobotSetting / Session Manager
ROBOT : Fixed - Canceled status loss. Management of disconnected sessions after n seconds ([NEWTEST] CHECK_SESSION_LOCKED=nS)
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Incoherence in global variable
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Firefox blocked on robot
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Fonction GetPasswordExt not recognized by the new interpreter
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - VLC plugin 2.2.0-git failed with youtube stream
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - OCR wrong result coordinate when a restriction is used
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Interpretor : implicit conversion in assigment does not convert variable in string content
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Sce Ip-analyser - pop request does not fail on timeout
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Crash on MouseMove
NTBR & ROBOT : TraceRoute function now available from EC Windows
NTBR & ROBOT : SearchAndGetInFile redefinition
NTBR & ROBOT : New - Reverse DNS function GetNameFromAddress
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - timeout httprequestExt
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - proxy management with RIA scenario or Windows scenario
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Crash at the exit of a RIA scenario
NTBR & ROBOT : New variable $(APP:monapli) for execution of an installed application
NTBR & ROBOT : Response times break down: traces improval and removal of negative values
NTBR & ROBOT : New function : CopyClipboard and PastClipboard
NTBR & ROBOT : Blank page management added on RIA
NTBR & ROBOT : New - Licences - Management/suppression of the robot PC-ID
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Proxy setting for RIA scenario - do not erase proxy setting when useproxy=false
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - RIA scenario - Non-cumulative mesures / force ip-label addon
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - IP Analyser scenario  - imap request delete email
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - MREQUEST - watchdog for parent process


NRM : Fixed - Remaining traces of debug
NRM : Fixed - Session manager fail when default rdp port change, nes parameter DEFAULT_VNC_PORT set the default VNC port
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - LogTps issue when time is 0 - invalid warning message.
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - DeleteUserCookies function from NEWTRIA (not JAVA)
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - NEWTRIA use newtest:blank page instead of about:blank when HTTPWATCH is deactivated
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - NEWTRIA trace set proxy removed
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Documentation function SetIEProxy and ClearIEProxy
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Fonction ProgramExecDiag  
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Flag aborted lost (RobotMonitoring)


NRM: Fixed - Better rights management on NewtestData Folders
NRM: Fixed - Fixed - Option to force no multisession on W2012 [REMOTE_MANAGER]FORCE_TS=0
ROBOT : Fixed - Recovery plan : primary / secondary shift problem in NEWTEST.INI when default ports not used
ROBOT : Fixed - Status message for scenarios out of range (begintime fixed)
ROBOT : Fixed - perpetual activation of keyboard keys
ROBOT : Fixed - schedule crash
NTBR : Fixed - Robot/NTBR Exclusion issue
NTBR : Fixed - Scenario description field size limited to 128
NTBR : Fixed - Inconsistency on IMAP help
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Timeout on WritePort function
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Focus loss while using GoTo function
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - IESettings runtime errors during Robot execution
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - reading option issue on IPAnalyzer
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - COMPORT - timeout problem on the open function
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - format messages issue with character " (3.0.1 R2 server mandatory)
NTBR & ROBOT : New - RIA function to put window in front - SETFORGROUNDWINDOW
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed -  Functional problems on POP3 and IMAP4 scripts
NTBR & ROBOT : New - Retry on HttpRequest function
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - httpRequestExt and soapRequestExt requests format
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - $(ORDER_NAME), $(ORDER_EXT) and $(ORDER_UNIT) global variables
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - limitation of Robot PC-ID to 16 characters
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - MOTEDLL Evolution for NTOOLBOXN compatibility
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - HttpRequestExt - invalid http return code
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Error replacement of strings with GetInfo funtion
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Window manager extension for webrunner (force sendkey to window)
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - Interpretation problem on the REPEAT loop  
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - TRESP metric seen as APPLI in Alarm properties  
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - RIA :  IE setting crash in some customer environments
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed - IPAnalyzer : extra warning trace removed
NTBR & ROBOT : New - RIA : SetExpectingPageTitle log improved
ROBOT MONITORING : Fixed - Robots with the same name issue


NRM : Added New RDP version  
NRM : Added with RDP - different display settings
NRM : Added with RDP - disable wallpaper option
NRM : Added with RDP - allow font smoothing
NRM : Fixed the capitalization of user/domain information in the autologon registry, the robot configuration must be remove and re-created
NRM : Fixed the excessive messages "Err: OrderGet ivalid argument". It could appear very often.
NTBR : Added the authorization to launch a robot and the NTBR simultaneously
NTBR : Added a dialog "Your script has been modified, do you want to save it?" when detecting a scenario change.
NTBR : Updated of NTBR help (functions, examples, corrections) typo in WINDOWMANAGER help
NTBR : Fixed the special character management for Newtest robots names
NTBR : Fixed a comment management issue in the webrunner wizard
NTBR : Fixed a random problem when modifying an OCR search action or image search, the wizard could lose the information of the window to put in foreground
NTBR : Fixed issue with generation of IMAP and POP scenarios with purge
ROBOT : Fixed the cursor position in diagnostic videos
ROBOT : Updated the warning message for pressed keys
ROBOT : Fixed SNMP trap sending by script that used invalid OIDs (finished by 0)
ROBOT : Fixed a crash problem with the NEWTIESETTINGS tool
ROBOT : Fixed Get Conf and Get Right messages failing, they are no longer sent to the server.
NTBR & ROBOT : Added in MRequest the contents of the Response Header in the "HTTP_RESPONSE_HEADERS" option
NTBR & ROBOT : Added cookies sending in the header with MRequest (only managed by HttpRequestEXT and SoapRequestExt functions)
NTBR & ROBOT : Adding a Warning message during compilation when an Order type is expected and another type is received
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the overwriting of cast variables passed as parameters.
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the SetWindowsManagerRule Function, it was not working properly
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed WEBRUNNER to force 64-bit registry access on 64-bit machines
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed NEWTRIA ClearIECach function that was not working
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed DNSTime for SMTP, POP and IMAP tests
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed WaitMailTime for POP3 and IMAP4
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed the management of user/domain for MRequest auth
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed IE plugin that is only enabled when running an RIA scenario
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed recovery of messages with quote
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed management of Goto inside a function


NRM : Fixed  the capitalize of user/domain name in autologon registry 
NTBR & ROBOT : Added a black screen detection
NTBR & ROBOT : Modified webrunner timeout to 60 seconds
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed a schedule SNMP crash
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed an activation problem with webrunner BHO plugin
NTBR & ROBOT : Fixed a potential crash caused by the management of scenario thresholds


Important : CU17 is a patch only and requires the installation of CU16 (or CUn, n<16) setup beforehand for new installation

NTBR & ROBOT : NRM - flag to force All User rights on Newtest registers
NTBR & ROBOT : IPA - SMTP error return when facing send issue
NTBR & ROBOT : IPA - POP error return in timeout situation and new option POP3_READ_MAILS_COUNT
NTBR & ROBOT : IPA - IMAP search on subject and sender

NTBR & ROBOT : add IPV6 function in SMTP/POP3/IMAP4/FTP/DNS functions
NTBR & ROBOT : NewtRIA - HTTP no referrer issue (I180516_000007)
NTBR & ROBOT : SCHEDULE - Error in register scan for IE plugin
NTBR & ROBOT : SCHEDULE - memory leak on black screen detection
NTBR & ROBOT : NEWTGEN - sendtrap command now wait for complete

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Newtest Robot and Transaction Builder Product Release Notes
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